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Stepping on a scale to get weighedReviews from our weight loss and diabetes students

“I’ve dropped two sizes.” - F. A., Phoenix, AZ

"I now have diabetic control of blood sugar and my doctor has reduced and even eliminated some of my medication! Three weeks after beginning FIT-150!” - W.W. Fairfield, IA

“I am sleeping much better and feeling less stress, I will take these exercises and meditations for the mind and body to the grand age of 150!” - J. F. Austin, TX

"I lost 2.5 inches around my waist.” - M. M., Fairfield, IA

"Love Fit-150!!! Scientifically based and so easy to do, Fit-150 is unlike any other health fitness program I've done. Being a runner, dancer and overall athlete my entire life it didn't make sense that I had weight gain, hormone imbalance and borderline diabetes. Since doing Fit-150 I balanced my metabolism, lost 25 pounds and have normal blood sugar. I will never have to worry about weight gain, hormone imbalance or blood sugar issues again thanks to this program. Fit-150 is brilliant!!" - J.C. Austin, TX

“I lost weight, I feel more flexibility, more energy, less stress, have improved my balance, feel lighter, more emotional balance, and I am more aware of my posture”. - E. B. Austin, TX

Use Fit-150 to open your mind! It teaches you the importance of positive thinking and connecting your mind to your body. It will help to improve your attitude, your mental state, your physical health and your ability to cope with life! - P.W. Austin, TX

At 94 years old I joined the Fit-150 class needing to lose some weight and inches. Due to a broken foot I had to do the program in a chair. Even with not being able to stand I still received a lot of benefit, such as more flexibility, better balance, some weight loss and a feeling of well being and harmony in my body. I will continue this program as long as I am able. - E.B. Austin, TX

“I couldn't believe they hadn't mistaken my blood sample for someone else's when I received the report of my last blood lab. After years running high levels, my triglyceride,cholesterol, and A1C (diabetes measure) levels were all significantly improved."

“Balance improved. My walking and sitting postures improved. Fit-150 is an excellent combination for the mind and body.” - M.H. Austin, TX

"I have a better feeling about my body and a more positive overall disposition. It is fun!” - S. S. Austin, TX

“I have found I have warmer hands and feet after going through the Fit-150® program®. I appreciated the variety of exercises, the fine leadership and the excellent meditations. I think that most everyone could benefit from your program” - M. D. Austin, TX

“I have diabetes neuropathy which has really affected my balance. My balance has definitely improved with Fit-150" - G.B. Austin, TX

"I followed this program and lost 14 lbs. in 6 weeks! The meditations trained my mind to engage in a way that allowed the fat to melt away. The exercises are fun and do not stress my joints as some movement can, potentially. I love this revolutionary way of bringing balance to my body much so that I am now teaching and sharing this course with others. Thank You!!!!" - S. H. Wimberley, TX

“Reduced blood pressure, less stress, overall Improvement in well being and increased body awareness” - A. W. Austin, TX

"This program is so very unique, fun and powerful! I have attended classes and most highly recommend this new program for balancing the metabolism. It's wonderful to have a program that isso much fun while giving such good results, all without stressing the body or mind. Very inspiring!" - P.R. Wimberley, TX

"This program is a beam of hope to those who have tried countless other programs to attain their ideal weight and optimal health simply because it is so very comprehensive, easy to stick with and FUN to do... I highly recommend getting started now." - J.H. Austin, TX

"This is really different and feels really good. It doesn't exhaust you. It feels easy and gentle but, it really works. It is amazing how the use of the mind in this particular way enhances the effectiveness if the weight loss exponentially." - F.K. Phoenix, AZ

"This is an amazing program. It has helped me in so many ways where nothing else that I had tried seemed to work. I highly recommend doing this." - T.C. Austin, TX

"Do it! You won't be disappointed because I guarantee your game is going to change." - L. S. DDS Austin, TX

"I lost 20 lbs. and kept it off! I have never felt healthier or more energetic! I use the meditations every day and am so grateful for Dr. Zhang and this program!" - E.H. Austin, TX

"It is important to incorporate a holistic approach to fitness in one's life. Fit-150 is the benchmark for the new yuga (age), since the mind, body, heart, soul and emotions each get a dose of attention and optimum health. From there the body's natural response is for "fat" to simply melt away!" - TK, Fairfield, IA

"I recently took the Fit 150 Metabolism course, something I recommend to everyone looking for a fitness system that is fun, easy and highly effective. I lost 10 lbs during the 6 week class, and intend to continue with the program for the rest of my life. Great stuff!" - Sharon Bousquet, Fairfield, IA

"I love Fit-150! In 4 weeks, my blood pressure medications have been reduced, and my diuretic eliminated! I feel great, less tense, and my Type 1 diabetes is in much better control."  - P.W. Austin, TX


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