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Austin MD Specialist Guide: Dr. Dongxun Zhang

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Austin-MD-Spedalist Guide

All doctors practice medicine, but not all doctors prioritize pre­ventive medicine. Dr. Dongxun Zhang is Austin's leading Chinese medical servic­es provider, and he aims to prevent illness in his patients just as much as he does in working with their illnesses with his capable, skilled hands.

Based on his own Theory of Intended Evolu­tion, Dr. Zhang has developed new, groundbreak­ing programs for health and healing, including Fit 150: Intended Evolution Fitness ®, a unique, mind-body exercise program that addresses meta­bolic imbalances, the link between metabolic dis­orders and weight loss, as well as serious medical problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. Fit-150® combines knowledge of ancient Eastern wisdom with some of the latest Western medical research on meta‑bolic disorders and weight loss.

Another groundbreaking program offered by Dr. Zhang is his Intended Medicine Healing pro­gram, which currently focuses on cancer. Through this program, which is a completely new technique based on modern science that is different from any other healing approach available today, Dr. Zhang brings out our body's natural self-healing abilities. Our mechanism for self-healing can be rebuilt and strengthened. The IMH technique is designed to awaken this dormant, or weakened, function and use it to help heal serious health conditions.

Dr. Zhang's office, the Austin Natural Heal­ing Center, offers a wide array of safe, natural and effective health care alternatives, including acu­puncture, acupressure, Z-Acu-Therapy for pain management, cosmetic treatment, eye care and prevention, gynecological, anti-aging & weight loss, and herbal medicine for allergies, flus and hormones among many other health issues. The Austin Natural Healing Center has been serving patients for almost 20 years. "We are highly expe­rienced in working with chronic ailments, pain, allergies and other conditions, which have not been successfully treated with other methods," Dr. Zhang explains.

Dr. Zhang believes that a good doctor is a good educator, and he delights in educating his patients, young and old alike. "In our practice we put a very strong emphasis on education. In Chinese Medi­cine we emphasize prevention," he explains. "Ev­ery time I see a patient, I try to educate them on how to stay healthy or, after they recover from ill­ness, how to maintain health as long as possible."

Published with permission of the Austin MD Magazine, February, 2014.

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