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Sufficient sleep may curb metabolic issues

Are you getting enough good quality sleep each night? Evidence suggests that this is a key element in preventing metabolic issues such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. Scientists say this relationship is due to the influence sleep has on food intake and the metabolism of glucose. A review of studies focused on shift workers found that disrupting the natural cycle of sleep increasing not only the risk of metabolic disorders, but also chronic sickness and premature death. Using electronics too close to bedtime and not getting treatment for sleep apnea are two additional factors that can interrupt sleep. 


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Use weight training to lower type 2 diabetes risk

There is already data to suggest that aerobic exercise has a positive impact on type 2 diabetes risk. Now similar scientific data exists for strength training. Researchers looked at women who hadn’t developed diabetes and noted their exercise habits. Those who participated in either aerobic exercise or resistance training were less likely to develop the disease. What’s more, putting the two types of exercise together was even more effective for lowering risk. The effect is not limited to women, either. Previous research has found that men who regularly train with weights can lower their risk by as much as 34 percent.


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Excellent exercise choices for those with diabetes

Exercise is essential for diabetes management, even if it’s only in short 10-minute bursts. Aim for regular walks after meals and before work in the morning. A few minutes here and there can add up to a day’s worth of activity. If you need a little more excitement, try a dancing class to get your heart rate up and work your whole body. Try to include strength training twice a week by using free weights or performing resistance activities like push-ups. If your joints are a source of pain, hopping in the pool to swim or perform water aerobics may be the solution. Even exercise-oriented video games provide a great way to get active without having to hit the gym. 


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Sweetener shows potential for diabetes management

A sweetener from the agave plant could potentially work as a way to lower blood sugar and weight for those with type 2 diabetes. Scientists say the agavins found in the natural sugar from the plant are non-digestible, like dietary fiber. As a result, they can sweeten foods without raising blood sugar. Agavins also stimulate insulin production and promote growth of healthy bacteria in the mouth and digestive system. Agavins differ from products like agave nectar or agave syrup, which have been reduced to individual fructoses so they resemble processed sweeteners. 


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Type 2 diabetes can be prevented by a gene mutation

While type 2 diabetes is often influenced by lifestyle choices, scientists have uncovered a rare genetic mutation that can actually prevent the disease, even if they are overweight. The mutation impacts pancreatic cells, causing the body to produce more insulin and maintain slightly lower blood sugar levels. Researchers say that while this genetic mutation is rare, it could lay a foundation for the development of future treatments. So far the mutation doesn’t appear to have any harmful effects, but scientists are still investigating.


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