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From our Students: How I lost weight and stabilized my diabetes

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Smiling womanWould you like to discover what students think about their experiences with our fitness classes for weight loss, diabetes and wellness? If so, this is the first in a series of interviews with students, and students who became teachers. Read their thoughts to see how you might transform your life, too.

Jeanne Blauvelt was a student, now Fit-150 trainer, for wellness and weight loss in Austin, TX.

1) What motivated you to take the Fit-150 program?

It was about 3 ½ years ago that I began training with Dr. Zhang using Fit-150 Ideal Metabolism–Ideal Weight. I had been struggling with hormone imbalance, weight gain and most seriously, borderline diabetes

Although I was dieting, jogging regularly, dancing and practicing yoga, my weight gradually increased by 21 pounds! Nothing was working and I couldn’t figure out why. It felt like the harder I tried, the more my weight and blood sugar increased. I was working from the outside-in.

Genetically, I was setup for diabetes and yet I was very resistant to the standard method of diabetes treatment. Dr. Zhang explained to me that the underlying cause of my increased weight and blood sugar was an imbalanced metabolism. Getting to the cause was a real turning point for me. His first recommendation for me was to lose weight.

2) How did Fit-150 help improve your health and life?

As I began the Fit-150 Ideal Metabolism – Ideal Weight program, my metabolism came back into balance. The by-product of the balanced metabolism was a 21 pound weight loss, hormone balance and my blood sugar came into balance!

Stabilizing my blood sugar and hormones made my overall outlook on life much happier, more satisfying, and stable. Losing weight increased my overall confidence, improved my energy and my self-esteem.

Having such a profound impact on my health and well-being, it inspired me to become a Certified Fit-150 Instructor. I have been teaching this over the past three years and really enjoy seeing the positive impact on my students.

3) What would you tell others that are considering starting a Fit-150: Ideal Metabolism-Ideal Weight program?

Considering starting Fit-150, you can expect this to be a very enjoyable and yet powerful method to balance your metabolism. It is not a program you start and finish. It is a way of life and can be viewed as a method to achieve and maintain a balanced metabolism throughout life.

Be aware this is unique and different from other fitness/health programs and may require different thinking. It is not a “no pain – no gain” philosophy. You’ll know you are doing it right when you are balanced and having fun!

Using your mind in connection with your body is an essential part of the method. There are parts of the program you will practice daily, some weekly and others only when needed. This is not a diet and doesn’t require supplements, herbs, or medicine.

4) What else would you like to add about your experiences with Fit-150?

Fit-150 Ideal Metabolism – Ideal Weight uses your body's natural healing ability by integrating the mind, and qi (your vital energy), with some physical exercise. Techniques are taught that affect your body starting at the cellular level and working from the inside-out versus from the outside-in. This is scientifically based and will most likely surprise you how easy and effective it is.

Please don’t take my word for it. Visit our website and read the testimonials, visit a free introduction class, contact an instructor to see how this can work for you and finally try this yourself!

The Fit-150 staff is committed to your health and evolution. Try it to feel great!!

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