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Osteoporosis, Bone Density and Bone Health

The National Osteoporosis Foundation estimates significant bone loss is a public health threat for 55 percent of people 50 years old and up in the United States. Bone loss occurs in both genders although the majority of those affected are women in their menopausal years. With little or no symptoms, a broken bone is often the first sign of this condition which has then been progressing silently for decades.

With statistics like this, it’s no wonder why a diagnosis of low bone density or osteoporosis can be a cause of anxiety. In terms of osteoperosis treatment and prevention people often first think of calcium and tend to focus there. While calcium does have a role to play in our bones the true picture is more complicated. Bone health is a complex picture of consuming and being able to properly digest an array of vitamins and key minerals within a climate of balanced hormones along with moderate physical challenges to the body. The good news is that problems with bone health can be prevented and even reversed through simple tools at your fingertips.


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