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Ward off dementia with daily exercise

While participating in activities that challenge the brain and keep us social are important for cognitive health, there’s no match for daily exercise. Research has pinpointed regular physical activity as a powerful tool in the fight against dementia. Start with walking each day. If you have a friend that can do this with you, that’s even better. It will hold you both accountable and ensure you get enough exercise. A good goal to work up to is 30 minutes five days each week.


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Protect yourself from allergies during exercise

If you suffer from outdoor allergies, taking advantage of the nice weather to exercise can be difficult. There are a few techniques you can use to cut down on allergic reactions and let you get in a quality session of physical activity. If pollen is responsible for your allergies, keep an eye on the pollen count for the day and exercise in the afternoon or evening when it’s typically lower. Wear a hat and glasses to keep the pollen off of you so that it can’t cause as much irritation. Wash the rest off by taking a shower afterwards.


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Increase your longevity with these habits

There are several scientifically-backed ways to increase your lifespan. Start out by turning off the TV and getting off the couch. Those who watch four hours of TV or more each day have a 50 percent higher chance of dying of any cause than those who watch less than two hours. Instead, spend time exercising or meditating. Both of these activities, when performed regularly, are associated with a longer lifespan. Another habit that increases the risk of dying? Eating too much red or processed meat. Skip the lunch meat and cut back on the burgers and steaks. In their place, snack on nuts, which are shown to lower risk of death.


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Exercise is essential for healthy aging

ladies working outAging is inevitable whether we like it or not, but that process can be slowed down. Instead of accepting things as they occur, why not take steps to make your life healthier?

Leading an active lifestyle is essential for this. Your body wants to move, and that doesn’t change as the years pass. To avoid losing muscle, keep your bones strong, and fend off diseases, make sure you have a plan to incorporate regular exercise into your routine.

Get moving in small ways

You’ve probably heard that you should park at the back of the lot when you go to the grocery store and take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Those are great ideas, but there’s even more


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Sufficient sleep may curb metabolic issues

Are you getting enough good quality sleep each night? Evidence suggests that this is a key element in preventing metabolic issues such as type 2 diabetes and obesity. Scientists say this relationship is due to the influence sleep has on food intake and the metabolism of glucose. A review of studies focused on shift workers found that disrupting the natural cycle of sleep increasing not only the risk of metabolic disorders, but also chronic sickness and premature death. Using electronics too close to bedtime and not getting treatment for sleep apnea are two additional factors that can interrupt sleep. 


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