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Science now backs these ancient beliefs

Treatments like acupuncture, which have been practiced for years, are finally gaining scientific backing as effective solutions for health ailments. For example, Greek philosophy suggests that maintaining and a larger purpose for living promotes health. Research has actually shown this to be true. Buddhists have long pointed to the importance of a strong community for individual wellness, and researchers have shown this does indeed lead to a 50 percent increase in longevity. Tai chi and meditation have also gained roots in the scientific community.


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Exercise and diet benefit all body types

Regardless of your weight, exercise and diet have been shown to have positive impacts on health. Researchers gathered evidence to support this idea in a study of 181 children classified as obese. They found that a third could be classified as metabolically healthy. These children spent less time in front of screens, were more physically active, and consumed less fat and meat. The researchers noted that obesity is a complex disease with many causes. Measurements of health must extend beyond BMI.


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Frequently angry or anxious? Check your liver

In Chinese medicine, chronic ill-temper is attributed to poor liver function. The liver can get bogged down by a constant influx of toxins in foods and the environment. This can also result in fat storage, digestive issues, and hormone imbalance. If you suspect you have what is called an “angry liver,” start nourishing it with foods like kale, walnuts, beets, lemon, and avocado. A supplement of dandelion root also supports liver function. Drink water and exercise to flush out the toxins. Finally, you should develop a strategy to reduce stress.


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Take small steps to make big health changes

While it’s tempting to completely overhaul your lifestyle choices or hop on the latest fad diet, real transformation requires changes that stick. The best way to achieve this is through small, sustainable alterations. For example, gradually add more healthy foods to your diet each day, rather than trying to sustain a completely new diet. The same applies to exercise- start with five minutes and build up from there. Through this slower process you’ll begin to embrace the journey and learn to love your body throughout by supporting its health.


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Stay social and active to battle depression

Therapy and medicine can help treat depression, but many find they still experience bouts of symptoms. That’s where lifestyle steps come in. Studies have found that being able to socially relate to others in a group situation are less likely to experience depressive symptoms. In a similar manner, exercise is beneficial for treatment. Research shows those who exercise regularly are more likely to overcome their depression. By identifying an exercise routine that works for you and joining a support group or taking part in social activities, you can support your efforts to move past depression.


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