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Excellent exercise choices for those with diabetes

Exercise is essential for diabetes management, even if it’s only in short 10-minute bursts. Aim for regular walks after meals and before work in the morning. A few minutes here and there can add up to a day’s worth of activity. If you need a little more excitement, try a dancing class to get your heart rate up and work your whole body. Try to include strength training twice a week by using free weights or performing resistance activities like push-ups. If your joints are a source of pain, hopping in the pool to swim or perform water aerobics may be the solution. Even exercise-oriented video games provide a great way to get active without having to hit the gym. 


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Sweetener shows potential for diabetes management

A sweetener from the agave plant could potentially work as a way to lower blood sugar and weight for those with type 2 diabetes. Scientists say the agavins found in the natural sugar from the plant are non-digestible, like dietary fiber. As a result, they can sweeten foods without raising blood sugar. Agavins also stimulate insulin production and promote growth of healthy bacteria in the mouth and digestive system. Agavins differ from products like agave nectar or agave syrup, which have been reduced to individual fructoses so they resemble processed sweeteners. 


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Key habits to push you past 100 years

Living past 100 isn’t all up to your genes. There are a lot of lifestyle steps you can take to live a long and healthy life. Researchers have found that abstaining from smoking, getting a minimum of 3 ½ hours of physical activity each week, eating a nutritious diet, and maintaining a BMI of less than 30 can make you 80 percent less likely to develop a chronic disease. Additionally, studies on people in their 80s and 90s with high brain function have found that getting sufficient sleep and releasing stress are key components to the longevity equation. Finally, maintaining a social circle has been shown to support health and ward off mortality as well.


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Stop following health rules and start listening to your emotions

There are countless fitness and nutrition rules out there, some of which are conflicting. It can be exhausting to keep a running list of them all, much less attempt to follow each one. The best place to start if you’re attempting to overhaul your lifestyle is with your own thoughts and emotions. Are you overeating because you’re bored, depressed, or stressed? If so, those underlying factors need to be addressed so you can ensure your nutrition changes are successful. It’s also important to unravel your relationship with physical activity. Find activities that make you excited rather than forcing yourself to life weights or run because you think you should.


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Establish your life purpose to protect your brain’s health

Understanding your purpose and protecting the health of your brain may seem like two unrelated concepts, but research begs to differ. Researchers measured purpose in elderly adults by asking them to rate statements such as, “I enjoy making plans for the future and working them to a reality.” They found that those with a high score also tended to have better mental health and higher levels of happiness, satisfaction, and longevity. They also had a slower rate of cognitive decline and were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.


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