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Type of fat you eat impacts where it goes

Where your body stores fat is actually related to what type of fat you eat, according to recent research. People who ate primarily saturated fat tended to store extra weight around their waistlines and near the liver. On the other hand, polyunsaturated fat consumption was linked to a slimmer waist. This is important for more than just weight reasons, however. Liver and belly fat have been connected to heart disease and diabetes.


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An Ounce of Prevention: Chinese Medicine Comes Through

Prevention using Chinese Medicine


Many of us take our health for granted until we develop a problem. If it’s a serious problem, it usually means there has been some significant damage to our health already. To address the problem, we turn to our doctors, expensive medications, surgery, or even hospitalization. When we let the situation deteriorate to this degree, it’s challenging to bring the body back into a state of balance. However, if we pay even moderate attention to our health by taking some advisory preventative steps, we can avoid many serious problems altogether. This is the approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

TCM is a natural healing system that has been used in China for thousands of years and is gaining more acceptance in the West.


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Maintain a healthy weight with these habits

Can you list four guidelines that you stick to in order to maintain a healthy weight? If not, here are four that can provide a solid foundation to get started.

  1. Swap out sugary drinks. It’s hard enough to manage hunger with foods that are healthy, so do yourself a favor and eliminate the extra calories in sugary beverages.
  2. Keep an eye on portions in relation to your appetite. Do you really want to eat everything on your plate?
  3. After dinner, stay out of the kitchen.
  4. Fit in regular exercise, not just for fitness but for stress release and wellbeing.


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Control the connection between stress and blood sugar


Have you ever felt the rush of the fight or flight response, when your body is preparing to take action? What actually causes that feeling is the release of glucose, or sugar, to provide energy. Stressful situations initiate this response. For those with diabetes, this excess release of sugar can build up and raise blood sugar levels. Rising blood sugar levels can then cause more stress as the person tries to manage them. It’s important to deal with stress in a healthy manner. Resist turning to food to cope and instead incorporate exercise, take up a new hobby, begin meditating, or go for a short walk.


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Austin MD Specialist Guide: Dr. Dongxun Zhang

Austin-MD-Spedalist Guide

All doctors practice medicine, but not all doctors prioritize pre­ventive medicine. Dr. Dongxun Zhang is Austin's leading Chinese medical servic­es provider, and he aims to prevent illness in his patients just as much as he does in working with their illnesses with his capable, skilled hands.

Based on his own Theory of Intended Evolu­tion, Dr. Zhang has developed new, groundbreak­ing programs for health and healing, including Fit 150: Intended Evolution Fitness ®, a unique, mind-body exercise program that addresses meta­bolic imbalances, the link between metabolic dis­orders and weight loss, as well as serious medical problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. Fit-150® combines knowledge of ancient Eastern wisdom with some of the latest Western medical research on meta‑bolic disorders and weight loss.


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