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Learn to accept your body without settling

It can be easy to overlook the distinction between accepting yourself and settling for your current situation. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve, but don’t beat yourself up in the mean time. By the same token, loving who you are doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate more healthy behaviors into your routine to nourish your body. It’s also important to accept your past or any mistakes you’ve made, while acknowledging that you’re going to do better in the future. Ask yourself whether you’re accepting or settling frequently to make sure you’re on the right track.


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Boost longevity with seven servings of produce daily

Count up the amount of fruits and vegetables you’ve eaten today. Are you well on your way to seven servings total, or are you struggling to reach two? Researchers have found that people who eat seven servings of produce each day decrease their risk of death from any cause by 42 percent. Vegetables provided a greater benefit than fruit, causing researchers to recommend that we eat five servings of veggies and two servings of fruit per day. However, fruit juice and any kind with added sugars don’t serve to reduce mortality risk.


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Natural solutions for common ailments

While we may have traditionally reached for store-bought fixes to treat our ailments, there are plenty of natural options available in your house. For burns, try the topical use of honey. Studies have found its antibacterial properties heal burns twice as fast as creams. Instead of grabbing pain killers when a migraine strikes, try feverfew and ginger elixir. 63 percent of migraine sufferers found relief in just two hours when this was tried in a study. For the common cold, elderberry extract can speed recovery time and improve symptoms. 


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Feel better and lose weight without so much effort

 If you’ve been struggling to improve your health and get your weight under control, you may be simply be trying too hard. Stop trying to follow diets with a label, such as “vegan” or “gluten-free.” Instead, redevelop your body’s innate ability to know what it needs from food. You can do this by avoiding processed foods and preparing your own meals from whole foods. At the same time, it’s okay to stray from what your body needs now and then because it’s also important to enjoy your food. This helps curb overeating and indulging too often.


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Signs that you’re sticking to a healthy diet

There are so many guidelines for healthy eating floating around. How can you be sure you’re on the right path? Start by being honest about how many added sugars you’re eating. If the list is long, it’s time to cut some out. Take that a step further and take stock of how many real foods make up your diet. You should primarily be eating whole, unprocessed meals. Make sure you’re not cooking your food too harshly, as burning can produce carcinogens.


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