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Debunking common nutrition myths for weight loss

Is saturated fat bad for you? Can artificial sweeteners help you lose weight? Is soy healthier? Unfortunately, many people don’t know the right answers to these questions. It can be difficult to eat healthy, but knowing the truth about proper nutrition makes it less complicated. This list can help you sort through some of the most common misconceptions.

Myth 1: Artificial sweeteners aid in weight loss

It may seem like common sense that substituting sugar for artificial sweeteners means fewer calories and therefore weight loss. However, studies have shown that these substitutes actually drive people to eat more. Continue reading here...

Make nutrition and fitness a social activity

Countless studies point to the benefits of making your healthy endeavors a social activity. For example, coworkers who set weight loss goals together were more likely to achieve them by pushing each other. Similarly, coworkers who attended group nutrition sessions at work lost more weight than those who didn’t.

This social benefit can exist as an element of competition among members of a group or as the support received from peers trying to achieve similar goals. Whatever the source, you may find that adding a social element to your healthy habits improves your progress.
More info: social-weight-loss-classes

Type-2 diabetes and epigenetics

Genetics is a strong predictor of type 2 diabetes, and genes are set from birth. But, scientists are now looking for a way to modify the way certain genes express themselves. The research lies in epigenetics—the process by which one's genes change the way they express themselves based on environmental factors over time. The specific factor being investigated here is a process known as methylation. Of 40 known genes relating to type-2 diabetes, previous research has shown that 19 respond to methylation; studying tissue samples from diabetic subjects, scientists hope to apply methylation and other epigenetic factors to influence cells' insulin production.

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