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A simple effective technique to promote healthy lungs

As we age, our lung capacity gets smaller. By the time we are 70 years of age, our lung capacity is typically only 40% of the capacity at 30 years of age.

Most of the time, we use only about 40 percent of our lung capacity. The following simple, but effective, exercise helps to reverse the degeneration of the lungs by strengthening the lungs and expanding its air capacity.

Although this technique is simple, it is very beneficial and should be done every day if possible.

  • Stand. Inhale naturally and imagine the chest is full and the lungs fill up the chest cavity.
  • As you breathe in and out, bring your attention into your body, and feel the lungs get bigger and smaller. Feel that they are very elastic and very flexible.
  • Now, take a full inhale deeply into the lungs and hold for several seconds.
  • Then exhale more slowly than the inhale, empty the lungs, and hold for several seconds. (When you exhale more slowly than you inhale it helps to make the blood more alkaline.

Repeat 3 -5 times.

Is it possible to exercise without eating more calories to compensate?

It's a subject that garners a lot of controversy: does exercise suppress or increase hunger? Is there a way to burn calories during a workout without replacing them later in the day when we get hungry?

Research points in all different directions. Some articles insist that weight loss via exercise is impossible. Others say that exercise can actually help to suppress appetite, giving you a shot a burning more calories than you consume. There's even a way to lose weight without burning as much energy so you don't feel compelled to eat food to refuel.

Let's look at the evidence to get a clear picture of the relationship between hunger and exercise. Continue reading here...

Vitamin D provides benefits for women with diabetes

Women who have type 2 diabetes and demonstrate symptoms of depression can benefit from supplementation with vitamin D. A study by Loyola University Chicago showed that added vitamin D provided relief from depression, lowered blood pressure, and even helped the women lose several pounds. Continue reading here...

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