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Is it possible to exercise without eating more calories to compensate?

It's a subject that garners a lot of controversy: does exercise suppress or increase hunger? Is there a way to burn calories during a workout without replacing them later in the day when we get hungry?

Research points in all different directions. Some articles insist that weight loss via exercise is impossible. Others say that exercise can actually help to suppress appetite, giving you a shot a burning more calories than you consume. There's even a way to lose weight without burning as much energy so you don't feel compelled to eat food to refuel.

Let's look at the evidence to get a clear picture of the relationship between hunger and exercise. Continue reading here...

Train your fat with exercise

Exercise doesn’t only impact muscle. It can actually change the way genes are expressed in fat. It turns on genes that boost metabolism and glucose tolerance, better equipping the body to handle a fatty diet. The effects were documented in mice as well as humans. While the people in the study were already lean and exercised for one hour five days a week to produce these results, experts say that the exact amount of exercise necessary to provide the benefits is not yet known.

Tooth loss and type-2 diabetes

Diabetics are at greater risk for tooth loss than non-diabetics, and nearly twice as likely to lose all of their teeth, according to recent research published in The Journal of the American Dental Association. The relationship remained even when correcting for complicating factors such as smoking. In addition to leading to difficulty chewing and eating properly, tooth loss leads to greater risk of gum disease, and is potentially painful and costly. Researchers hope these findings will serve to justify greater focus on proper dental care for diabetics in the future.

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