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Are Americans’ eating habits improving or getting worse?

All of the studies and new information over the past several years on the profound effects that diet has on health are starting to show results in the everyday life of Americans. Are these small shifts in eating habits, as a country, adding up to a helpful trend in weight loss, and declining obesity? A recent survey shows that children are eating fewer calories than they were just a decade ago. Continue reading here...

Exercise doesn’t increase pain- it relieves it

Contrary to what you may think, exercise can be useful for the relief of pain caused by conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. Those who suffer from these conditions often give up on exercise after a week or two because they experience pain and assume it is caused by the physical activity. However, researchers urge people to continue with moderate activity, as studies have shown that it can reduce symptoms over time. If you would like to try exercise but find it too painful at first, start with water aerobics. The water provides extra support for your body weight and reduces strain on the joints. Source:

High-fat foods impact insulin needs

Research has pointed to fat as a factor in the development of type 2 diabetes, but now a link has been found between fat, glucose levels, and subsequent insulin needs. In a study on people with type 1 diabetes, researchers found that those who ate a high-fat meal required more insulin afterwards than those who ate a low-fat meal.

Doctors suggest that these findings point to the need to consider not just carbohydrate intake, but fat intake as well in order to determine proper insulin dosage after meals.


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