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Fit-150: Why do we have food cravings?

Something that keeps most people from being healthier than desired, is not understanding and managing cravings for food. In this issue, read about the physical factors that affect cravings. In later issues, we'll cover how our emotions are involved and how to combat cravings for a healthier and higher quality life.


Understanding food cravings: Physical factors

cakeWhy do you develop an intense desire for cake that can’t be satisfied by cookies or any other sweet substitute? Cravings may seem random, but there are actually a variety of factors that influence them. Get behind the physical reasons driving your cravings so that you can more effectively control them. 

Lacking nutrients or calories

Your body is extremely adept at identifying what it lacks and taking the necessary steps to receive it. If you are eating a calorie count each day that can’t fulfill your body’s energy needs, chances are pretty good that you will experience cravings. More specifically, your body craves foods that will give it a fast energy boost, so carbs and sugars are the primary targets.



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