Fit-150: How I lost weight, lowered cholesterol - It's almost a miracle

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It's almost a miracle! How I lost weight and lowered my cholesterol

Discover what students experienced while taking our weight loss, diabetes and wellness classes. This is the third in a series of interviews with students, and students who became teachers. Mary Ida was a student, now Fit-150 trainer, for wellness and weight loss classes in Iowa City, IA. She transformed her life through Fit-150. Learn how you might transform your life, too.

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Tim Chrisco

1) How did Fit-150 help improve your health and life?

Prior to beginning the Fit-150 program, I had a problem with weight gain. Nothing worked to remove the extra weight. But even more, I had a hard time waking up and moving in the morning. I felt heavy and sluggish. I had a difficult time running or climbing stairs. Because I am a gardener, I had a strong body but I did not have the cardio strength to keep up.

What Fit-150 did for me was almost a miracle. The simple but specific movements woke up the machinery of my body. I now wake up alert and energetic and ready to begin my day which includes the practice of the Fit-150 program. There is no more heaviness in my legs. I can breathe more fully, think more clearly, and even run and climb stairs. These things excite me plus I get the additional benefits of weight loss, lower cholesterol, and a stronger immune and digestive system as well.

2) What motivated you to take the Fit-150 program?

My health, weight and prior experience with the founder of Fit-150, Dr. Zhang, brought me to the Fit-150 Ideal Metabolism, Ideal Weight® program. I knew immediately I wanted to teach and share this knowledge. The program is easy and fun and my body took to it right away. The program is complete, affects the whole body, and is designed for anyone regardless of size or physical shape and heath.



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"I lost 20 lbs. and kept it off! I have never felt healthier
or more energetic! I use meditations every day and
am so grateful for Dr. Zhang and this program!"
- E.H., Austin TX


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