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About Our Fit-150 Classes

Fit-150 is a unique approach to exercise. It uses the mind to affect changes in our health. It teaches a mental “Blueprint” for longevity and health, not found in any other systems. It uses the mind and intentions, directly along with physical techniques to help you to not only lose weight and to bring balance to your metabolism, but also to your hormones, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and thyroid.

It does not involve, calorie counting, working out for hours at the gym, or going on stringent diets. It teaches special techniques for exercising in a way that is fun and that makes the body happy. It teaches a unique exercise to burn fat without burning muscle energy so it is effortless to shed unwanted pounds. Fit-150 addresses the metabolic Imbalances underlying both weight problems, and many serious illnesses.

Fit-150 mind-body exercise classes are taught by our certified Fit-150® instructors. During group or private classes you will learn and participate in guided visualizations and active exercises which are easy, effective and fun.

Classes are generally taught once or twice per week on an ongoing basis. These unique classes are a great way to address imbalances, help prevent future disease and also maintain optimum health if you are already healthy.

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