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"It's Almost a Miracle!" Weight Loss Program

Austin's new mind-body approach to exercise

"In only a few weeks many of our seniors lost weight, brought their blood pressure down, stress levels down and even decreased some of their medications. Diabetics reported decreases in insulin use and one resident reported coming completely off a diuretic and half off blood pressure medication after just 4 weeks into the program. The seniors also experienced more flexibility, better balance and a feeling of well-being and harmony in the body."

- Terri Hallenbeck, Concierge, Longhorn Village, Austin TX


Fit-150 is so easy to do that most people can do it, even seniors, but this approach is for all ages.

Fit-150 is a new and unique mind-body fitness approach to weight loss, wellness and personal transformation. It offers new hope to Austin's overweight people as well as conscious health seekers. Learn how to use the mind along with exercise to improve your health and promote longevity.

Fit-150 addresses metabolic imbalances, the link between metabolic imbalances and weight loss, and the life threatening medical conditions they create such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and diabetes. These unique classes are designed to help prevent future disease and also maintain optimum health if you are already healthy.

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Intended Health and Fitness, LLCFit-150 studio  
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Located at the "Y" intersection of
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   Monthly Membership Rates
     2 Classes per week:        $110 monthly fee
     1 class per week:            $ 75 monthly fee

    Class Schedule
     Thursday:    7:00 pm - 8:15 pm
     Saturday:    10:30 am - 11:45 am


Meet Our Austin Studio Fit-150® Trainers

  Ed Frease    Teresa Mullan-Frease 

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