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Classes are generally taught once or twice per week on an ongoing basis. These unique classes are a great way to address imbalances, help prevent future disease and also maintain optimum health if you are already healthy.

You simply join in and keep going!


  • Teaches Intention, Meditation, Visualization, Unique Exercise
  • Uses  the Mind to Affect Changes in Your Health
  • Teaches a "Blueprint" for Longevity and Health not Found in Other Systems
  • Addresses the Metabolic Imbalances Underlying Weight Problems.
  • Helps to Reset your Metabolism to a Healthy Balanced State.
  • Teaches How to Burn Fat Without Burning Muscle Energy So you Don’t Get Hungry.
  • Fun and Makes the body happy

Helps Bring Balance to:

  • Weight
  • Metabolism
  • Hormones
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood sugar
  • Thyroid

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