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Mind-Body Medicine: Research and Other Related Articles

1.  Mindfulness-Based Interventions are superior to standard treatment.

2.  This article explains how psychological stress affects our immune system.

3.  Mind-Body Skills groups reduce biological indicators of stress in medical students.

4.  Meditation can actually grow your brain. Lazar and colleagues measured increased cortical thickness in experienced meditators, particularly in older participants.

5.  The effects of a comprehensive mind-body medicine program at altering the genetic expression of specific genes related to prostate cancer.

6.  James H. O’Keefe et al. 
Potential Adverse Cardiovascular Effects From Excessive Endurance Exercise.

    Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Volume 87, Issue 6 (June 2012).

7.  Grandmas’ Experiences Leave a Mark on your Genes (Discover Magazine)

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9.  An Ounce of Prevention: Chinese Medicine Comes Through (Austin MD)

10.  Fitness Needs a Revolution: Using the potential of the mind (Austin MD)

11.  Breakthrough Innovations in Natural Medicine: Long-term solutions for health and fitness (Austin MD)