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The theory of Intended Evolution

The Power of "Intention"

Fit-150 is based on the Theory of “Intended Evolution.” This theory was created by Dongxun Zhang D.AOM, L.Ac. Combining eastern traditional health arts with modern scientific theories, Fit-150 allows your body to evolve into a state of health and well-being following a blueprint which maps out your longevity.


From his own study and discovery, Dr. Zhang believes that the evolution of life is made up of two parts: firstly, natural selection and outside pressure and secondly, "Intention” and internal drive. To use a very simple example:  two children are brought to a swimming coach for lessons.

One of the children (child A) loves to swim and wants to be a swimming champion later on in life. The other child (child B) dislikes swimming and is only there because his parents brought him there. Both child A and child B are exposed to the external influences which will make them good swimmers but child A is much more likely to succeed because of his internal drive. However, If child A just thinks about becoming a great swimmer but does not have the opportunity to train as one, then he will not actually be able to become a good swimmer. Only when the external and internal factors are working together can change truly happen.

We all know that our minds can affect our hormone levels causing physical and biological changes in the body which can result in improvements in functioning. These in turn can lead to natural selection, i.e. “the survival of organisms, best adapted to their environment.” Dr. Zhang calls this Intended Evolution. Intended Evolution Fitness® or Fit-150® utilizes this theory to improve our health and fitness. For the last 8 years, Dr. Zhang along with his son, Bob Zhang,  have been creating the system of Fit-150® exercises which are now ready to be shared with the general public.


Our Longevity 150 Meditation Technique is unique and was specifically created by Dr. Zhang. This technique is a key part of Fit-150®. It is our birthright to live a long and healthy life but many of us have forgotten how.  This meditation shows us how to align with our blueprint for longevity which is already present in nature's original blueprint.